​​​​​ Consultants in Executive Search

In addition to ensuring an inclusive search process for each and every search, we partner with our clients to develop ongoing strategies for acquiring diverse talent outside the context of individual searches. Now that diversity is widely accepted as a strategic HR priority rather than a compliance matter, diversity recruiting strategies need to evolve from mandating and monitoring diverse slates of candidates to developing an organizationally flexible, opportunistic approach to diversity recruiting. With diverse senior financial services candidates generally constituting <10% of the population, odds of hiring a diverse candidate for an open role are a fraction of that percentage.  Increasing the success rate of hiring diverse candidates requires a thoughtful approach to candidates’ timing and motivation and a creative approach to the organizational context in which they will succeed.

Judson Partners has a 34% diverse placement rate among all placements made over the past 10 years.

The team at Judson Partners has conducted innovative, strategic diversity projects for executive search clients as well as for major financial institutions in which they have held senior line and HR roles. Our partners’ placement records over the past ten years include a 34% ratio of diverse hires. And 20% of our placements over the past ten years have been female executives. Four of our five partners/owners at Judson Partners are diverse. We are extremely proud of our diversity track record and passionate about recruiting diverse talent.